Roses use fragrant Mon roses. when you want to keep it for a long time Many people will use the method of drying in the sun. or drying with hot air dryer but for our garden will use the method of baking in the charcoal oven This will add a lot of fragrance to the tea flowers. thus getting the perfect taste of rose-scented tea. can be brewed as a hot drink Or you can buy it as a gift, souvenir or souvenir.


Organic Rose Tea (Baked in the Charcoal Oven)

Distributed by Sai Heal History Co., Ltd.

Our garden is available for sale at a price per bottle. 50.- baht, packing volume 20 grams

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picking roses in the morning

For our garden, roses are grown 100% free of chemicals, that is, not chemical fertilizers. Or any chemicals at all and the mission to pick roses we will do early in the morning. The first thing is to spray the inflorescence with water while it is still in bloom. for the initial cleaning Before picking fresh flowers in the morning and must be done before sunrise, otherwise the flowers will not wither. before going into the oven will make a bouquet and beautiful colors

charcoal oven

After the flowers have dried enough to drain. I immediately put it in the oven. But the method of baking butterfly pea flower tea Must use a temperature that does not exceed 40-45 degrees because the flower baking is different from the general tea baking. By baking at a constant temperature like this, it takes about 4-5 hours. The tea flowers will be beautiful, dry and fragrant. and retains the fragrance for a long time Feel the true nature of tea flowers.