Pandan Tea

Fresh pandan leaves with many outstanding properties It can be used to make dried pandan tea as well. But how to make the process of baking to make it smell good? which can be considered. Even if used to make tea leaves, but still the aroma of the fragrant pandan leaves. Including the taste of sipping tea in the morning or will it be brewed and put in the refrigerator. Drinking as a cold drink can be refreshing as well. The many benefits of pandan leaves still linger in the aroma of our pandan tea.


Charcoal-baked Pandan tea

Distributed by Sai Heal History Co., Ltd.

Our garden is available for sale at a price per can. 65.- baht, packing volume 30 grams.

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Pandan leaves without pesticides

We use fresh pandan leaves that are planted and taken care of in our garden. The advantages of farming here are there will be a policy to refrain from using all types of chemicals. This makes the area around our garden quite safe. Plus our own garden that doesn't even use chemical fertilizers. Therefore, pandan leaves are fresh, clean, safe for consumers.

charcoal oven

Tips for making pandan tea Or as many of you are known as dried pandan leaves. For our recipe that is known as dried pandan leaves that are very fragrant. (From the compliments of customers) that's because every step of the way. very important to us Whether it's cutting, washing, drying, roasting and finally pre-packing is charcoal oven baking, it's at the heart of our garden's organic produce.