Natural Stevia extract

Our stevia extract contains 4.5% Stevioside extracted from Stevia leaves and 95.5% Maltitol extracted from Corn for the perfect use in cooking main dishes or desserts. at the shop, Sai Heal itself Use this product in low-fat dishes as it is a safe sweetener and inexpensive.


Stevia Extract Powder

Produced by Green Foods Asia Co., Ltd.

FDA notification number 1010595010006

Distributed by SaiHeal History Co., Ltd.

Many people have asked about 100% stevia extract without other additives. Available or not, we would like to clarify that. The cost of stevioside extraction is quite high, making the 100% extract price too high, almost ten thousand baht per kilogram. If you have to consume it on a daily basis will make the cost of living very high. We should choose products that contain other extracts. But is a 100% natural extract and has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration. So it's the best choice.

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