Mexican Kale Seasoning Powder

Chaya vegetables or Mexican Kale that are known in our country. In the northeast of Thailand, some locals call it leaf-eating papaya, Vietnamese sweet vegetables, etc., but the origin was from Mexico. With many benefits of Chaya vegetables, whether it is a source of protein and calcium, as well as dietary fiber that is quite high and it also gives a taste that is comparable to MSG very well.


Chaya Vegetable Seasoning Powder

Distributed by Sai Heal History Co., Ltd.

For Chaya Vegetable Seasoning Powder can be sprinkled on food or can be used in cooking. Adds flavor to the food that some people prefer to brew with hot drinking water or mix it in some beverages as well. Our garden is available for sale at a price per bottle. 150.- บาท Packing quantity 120 g

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Organic Chaya

Start from growing Chaya vegetables 100% organic because of our garden do not use chemical fertilizers of any kind. We focus on nourishing the soil naturally and the advantages of Chaya vegetables are rarely pests to interfere.

Roasted and baked to sterilize

When you get fresh Chaya leaves It was cleaned. After that we will roast until cooked to destroy the substance in the rubber of the Chaya vegetable plant first. and then put into the charcoal oven. Then bake with a temperature of 50-60 degrees for 8 hours until the leaves are completely dry.

finely ground before packing

When the leaves are dried. We bring it to the ground. and another filter. To get Chaya vegetable powder that is suitable for mixing with food and then packed into an airtight glass bottle. Ready for deliver to customers all.