Bamboo leaves that many people still do not know. Can be used to make tea to enhance the flavor of another type of medicinal plant which can be considered. Even if used to make tea leaves, but still the aroma of bamboo leaves including the taste of sipping tea in the morning. Will it be brewed and put in the refrigerator? Drinking as a cold drink can be refreshing as well. The many benefits of bamboo leaves still linger in our bamboo leaf tea scent.


Charcoal-baked bamboo leaf tea

Distributed by Sai Heal History Co., Ltd.

Our garden is available for sale at a price per can. 65.- baht, packing volume 30 grams.

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Choose fresh bamboo leaves.

We will use fresh green bamboo leaves. To be cleaned well before cutting into small pieces, prepare for roasting for sterilization before being baked in a charcoal oven.

charcoal oven

After roasting, we will bake in a charcoal oven with a temperature of 45-50 degrees for 5 hours, then enter the vacuum packaging. and delivery to customers.